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neurofuzzy, flash game development, rich internet applications, free source code – *alt.neurotica.fuzzy*


Sploder Review on G4TV

Filed under: General — geoff @ 10:42 pm

attackoftheshowI happened upon my chartbeat stats earlier today to find my traffic was spiking 400% more than normal. A little searching around the Twitter lead me to find that Sploder had just been reviewed on TV. Specifically, G4 TV’s Attack of the Show. Apparently it’s all the rage today, and clearly they have good taste.


AS3 Platformer Game in the Works

Filed under: General — geoff @ 11:03 am

I’ve finally got a preview of my platformer game up on Sploder. It’s my first ActionScript 3.0 game, and I bit off quite a bit for this one. The game engine has quite a lot of features, all intended to enhance the gameplay and go a step beyond a simple 2d platformer


jQuery Tip: Validate your XHTML!

Filed under: General — geoff @ 4:46 pm

I’ve just been playing around with jQuery. It’s an amazing framework. It really speeds up development, and make RIA development for the web very easy – much easier than Flash. The only drawback is that browser compatibility becomes an issue. I created a friend manager and avatar builder using jQuery, and after launch I got a lot of reports from users of IE7 on Vista. It seems that jQuery was crashing their browser.


Flash Player 10 will not work with Amazon S3

Filed under: General — geoff @ 3:22 am

With the upcoming new Flash Player 10, stricter crossdomain rules are breaking Amazon S3 for those of us who wish to load content using the Flash Player. It seems that Amazon will need to do some work to make sure that the new Flash Player will work with Amazon S3, specifically they will need to define new meta-policy files to allow us to continue to use policy files within our buckets.


Mochi Media Site Relaunch

Filed under: General — geoff @ 3:36 pm

I’m pleased to announce that we just completed the redesign of the Mochi Media web site and pushed it live! I welcome you to come on over and learn more about the company and our products. We’re growing fast and having a great time building an awesome platform for Flash game developers to push it to the limit!

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