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MySQL Slow Query Log Visualizer

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I needed a way to visualize slow query logs, and I couldn’t find anything out there that quite suited my needs, so I went ahead and built one. Of course, my first thought was to build something in Adobe AIR, but then I thought I should start fiddling with HTML5.

The results of my efforts can be found here.

It’s pretty simple, actually. Only about 200 lines of JS, some CSS and a single HTML page. All the work is done client-side. There’s actually not a lot of HTML5-ness that I coded. I owe a lot to the coolness of list.js and jQuery Visualize.


Sploder Featured on The Gadget Show

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I haven’t posted in forever. Blogs are so 2005. Anyway, this happened.


Google Uses Flash for Game Sound on Home Page

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Google Pacman Game

I’m sure most everyone has already seen (and played) the new Pacman game that adorns the Google home page. This game is their first interactive doodle, which celebrates the 30th anniversary of Pacman. As usual, it’s a tightly coded, perfect little gem of an implementation. I can’t imagine the amount of testing and code review that went into this in order to get it to pass muster.

The game itself is coded in good old-fashioned Javascript and HTML4, also known as DHTML. The Javascript runs the game loop, and takes keyboard input to control the game. It moves GIF images around a playfield which is a simple HTML DIV containing the background playfield image and a bunch of GIFs for the ghosts and pellets.


The Flash Player’s Uncertain Future

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With the alleged imminent release of the theorized Apple Tablet, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not it will run Flash. As you already know, the iPhone does not have a Flash plugin, nor standalone Flash player. The Apple Tablet, which may or may not exist, will most likely run on a derivative of the iPhone OS. Nothing has changed in the performance of the Flash Player nor on Apple’s stance with regards to it. So, it’s reasonable to assume that it will probably not run Flash.


Sploder Reviewed on Five TV’s The Gadget Show

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Ortis Deley explains Sploder on Gadget TV Looks like Sploder is quite suited for TV these days. We’ve got another review on, which, according to Wikipedia, is a television channel that broadcasts n the UK and Ireland. Check out the video. The review starts at 05:30 in. Very enjoyable to watch one’s site reviewed and featured halfway across the world!


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